Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mr. Fix-It

Elliott...  You crack me up.  Today, I was pretty preoccupied.  I wasn't helping you get your cars un-wedged from the truck carrier.  So, being the smart and resourceful little boy that you are, you went into the kitchen (apparently you did, but I wasn't really paying attention) and came back--calm as calm can be--with a butter knife and unstuck them yourself.  

"Mom, I did.  I did it, Mom."

And even though I wasn't helping you or paying attention to you, my sweet little 3 year old who is growing up way to fast, you still wanted to share your triumph with me.  I love how you want me to be the witness to your life.  I love that I get to be that for you, at least for a while, until you "get big, like Daddy" and move away and start your own life.  How is that even possible that that could happen, little Elliott.  You are my baby.  You are my life.

What could be more important, right now, than paying attention to you?

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allisonescalante said...

i was looking at el's pictures and i saw the pictures of you with your hair curled. BEAUTIFUL! i love it