Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Certified Ragamuffin

This picture is just a small taste of what I and my troupe looked like as I dragged them in for a last minute-hurry to get there before they go to lunch-doctor's check.  Caiden has not been feeling well, and although her well-baby check up is tomorrow, I was just convinced that she had an ear infection.  So, I called and they said, "Hurry.  And I mean, hurry.  It's 11:30 and you need to get here before 11:45."  if I wanted to get her checked out.  So...  In went Caiden into her carseat (up-chucked on pajamas and all), on went Elliott's boots (still in his pajamas), on went my sweater (still in MY pajamas, bra-less and all), out we all went to the car, raced 2 blocks down the street (I am fortunate enough to live close to just about everything), and found a parking spot around the corner from the office.  Out I jumped, out came Elliott.  

"Go stand on the sidewalk!"

Out came Caiden. 

Carrying Caiden in my arm and diaper bag and purse over the other arm.  I hurry down the sidewalk and around the corner, spurring Elliott on with shouts of, "Run, run!  Hurry!  Keep going! Come on..."  In we all go into the building...

Down, down, down went my self image as I came, harried, into public with sleep swept hair, un-showered person, un-brushed teeth, pajamas, and dirty, pajama-ed kids. 

But we made it!  Oh yes, we made it all right.  And you know what the verdict was?  

Fine.  She's fine.  SHE IS FINE.   gggrrr...

dirty, sweaty, embarrassed, and 15 dollars later, the three of us tromp back out the office, down the street, and around the corner, pile BACK into the car, back down the street, and back home.

And guess what...  Tomorrow we will be back.  Back to the doctor's office for Caiden's REAL checkup...  Which we will still have to pay for.

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Christi Mead said...

Ahhh! This story sounds way too familiar!!! I totally understand. Isn't being a mom exciting! You never know what to expect!! Love ya!