Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Elliott's Unlikely Favorite

We kept it simple this Christmas and got the kids just a few practical things.  We gave Elliott a new soccer ball and a new Bible, which he has been devouring.  Caiden got a french rolling pin with her initials in it and a lettuce knife for helping me in the kitchen (which she loves to do).

Even the stocking stuffers I wanted to make practical this year.  Because we have had so many problems with mildew and moisture this winter, we really couldn't afford to have any more random junk lying around that would need to find new homes. So, I filled their stockings with pencils with erasers on them (the erasers always go first!), socks, underwear, a few little candies, new toothbrushes*, things like that.  (Do I sound like a terrible, spoil sport mom???)

Funnily enough, and as always seems to happen (I'm sure you can relate), it was the littlest thing that struck Elliott's fancy.  I had remembered him asking me if we had a calculator some months ago so I picked one up at a dollar store and put it in his stocking thinking, "Eh, it wouldn't hurt.  Maybe he'll like it." And that little black calculator turned out to be the hit of the season!

He brings it with him everywhere declaring, "Its real!  I'm not joking! It really works!" as he pulls the calculator out of his pocket with a proud and excited smile--its really nerdy, but really cute.  When people ask him what he got for Christmas, this is one of the first things he remembers.  He thinks it was an actual gift.  I thought it was just a little stocking stuffer...

I'm thankful for that.  There wasn't a whole lot of hoopla this year with the presents, but the kids never really skipped a beat. They're pretty great.

*In my defense, the toothbrushes were star wars lightsabers that light up.  They were pretty cool!  Its not like I made their Christmas totally lame...

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Mallorie said...

Mildew is the worst. Didn't realize you guys had a problem with it too :(

And hey, I got a tooth brush for Christmas this year too, but mine was just a plain old toothbrush. None the less I totally appreciated it!