Tuesday, May 4, 2010

News Flash!

Hey friends,

I miss you.  It breaks just about every blog etiquette to talk about how you haven't posted in a while.  But let's face it, its been much to long.  I'm out of practice.

What's happening here is blue skies and warm sunny days.  Caiden Keats is now talking up a storm and saying things like, "Oh my GOSS! That's keezy!"

I went from drinking my coffee black, to drinking it with cream, back to drinking it black again.  I've also discovered that Americanos are not watered down espresso (well, technically they are, but they don't taste that way) and that I like/love them.  I also started to like drinking tea, but I think that is only a winter thing, because I never feel like it anymore.

Other than all of those important and newsworthy things I have mentioned, there are all kinds of things I am anxious to express, so stick around for one thousand more insights into my soul.