Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ballerina Bag

This was the very belated birthday gift I sent off to my little niece, Hazel Rei, who lives in Pennsylvania.  Little Hazey turned four at the end of April.  I promised to be sending her something special very soon.  As often happens when on a budget, low resources caused the creative section of my brain to really exert itself and this is what I came up.  It is a ballerina's bag.  It can be used to tote ballet shoes or as a really cool purse.

I used a canvas drawstring bag that had at one time delivered a pair of Converse, a doily, ballerina silhouettes I found online, some fabric crayons, a leather strap that had broken off an old bag, and a needle and thread.  A few hours later and,"Voila!",A gift that I am proud and excited to give her that even I am jealous of.  I hope she likes it.

I made sure to fill the bag with all sorts of things a young woman might need--she IS four, after all!  Some makeup brushes, some jewelry, some hair things, lip gloss, an old compact mirror, and of course a coffee card!

To make:

1. Gather supplies similar to those listed above
2. Iron doily and place the printed silhouettes underneath doily and trace (a light board is helpful for this)
3. Use fabric crayons or markers to fill in the traced area
4. Sew doily to fabric
5. Take the strap and attach it to the bag (I used a sewing machine for that part since my strap was leather and kind of thick)


allisonescalante said...

when i saw the nars compact i thought ... " Nars? nars? she gets nars? she's 4! but then i read it... i'm alright now. i am coming down off my cliff.

Heidi Jo said...

You are so resourceful! Super cute bag! I need to hook up my sewing machine so that I can do some fun projects... someday. Probably when I don't have a baby hanging off of me every second. : )