Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good Finds

I have always appreciated H&M as a store to pick up basics and a cheap-ish place to get a few trendy pieces.  But now I am seriously impressed with their ability to deliver.  A suit for David, a suit for Elliott, and a dress for Caiden--as in, the best man, ring bearer, and flower girl have all been outfitted for a pretty reasonable price and in one stop.  And you can always count on them being current in their cuts and styles.  Wonderful.


allisonescalante said...

I may pee my pants a little when I see everyone all dolled up for the wedding. This will be helpful in fighting back the tears. Everyone Looks great and Elliott, Elliott is the cutest thing in the world in his suit! he's a keeper.

allisonescalante said...

and I love how el's arm is perfectly to the side in the picture with dave. so put together. so serious. can't wait to see you guys!!! 4 days and counting

elisabeth said...

elliott is amazing in that suit (and in general). i especially love the sideways tie. its perfect. don't straighten it for pictures!!