Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Who Says Your Tree Must Be Green?

This year our tree is a little different, as you can see.  We weren't able to get a real tree this year, which is something I normally really look forward to.  At first, I was a little bit sad that we wouldn't have a tree.  But I decided we should still get out the Christmas boxes and try to decorate things up a bit more. 

As Elliott and I dug through our two Rubbermaid containers and took out piles of tangled twinkle lights, I looked up at our big, bare, blank, white, renters' wall.  And that's when it hit me: Push pins! Twinkle lights! Ornaments! Tree topper!...  Christmas tree!

Elliott and I labored over our tree for about 20 minutes while Caiden slept and David worked in the bedroom.  We took out our best and favorite ornaments and hung them on our tree with care.  We stepped back to admire our creation and then we ran and got Daddy to show him the surprise.  We created a tree where there was none!  We were so proud.

Elliott has been so proud and happy with our tree.  I don't think it even phases him that it is not real.  Actually, I don't think he has even considered an alternative.  David asked him what his favorite thing about Christmas time has been so far and he said it was decorating "the Christmas tree."

So I think our little tree has passed the test.  Thank you, Lord, for creativity.

I love my son.  Usually several times a day and toward the end of the evening, Elliott will say, "Momma?  I love you.  Thanks for doing Christmas stuff with us.  I really like doing Christmas stuff with you." 

And then when we put him in bed, "Merry Christmas, Mom.  Merry Christmas, Dad."  Melts my heart.  What a blessing from the Lord our little guy is.

Merry Christmas, guys.


The Montgomerys said...

It is the most beautiful tree I've ever seen...I love it. I also love your me that is so much more precious than any old tree. Elliott is are an amazing mom <3 you.

olive oyl said...

I am without a christmas tree too and it is a blessing to picture such a precious time between you and Elliott.

Kendra Randall said...

I saw this on the Today show the other day. Another cool one is this one!

Abraham and Danielle said...

What a cute idea!!! Cover up those renters walls....YES! (we try) Danielle