Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Lights!

Christmas time is so much more fun with kids.  They get excited over the darndest things... 

Tonight we took them to see Christmas lights.  Caiden loved all the snowmen. "no-man! no-man!" she kept telling me.  It took me a second to catch on, but after I did, we hunted down all the snowmen on the block.

Caiden was enthralled with the lightshow.  She just sat there with her mouth wide open. All the way.  Jaw dropping style.

Boy was it cold!  On the way home, Elliott suggested we all get in bed and snuggle.  I suggested they take a warm bath first, then snuggle.  They were happy to oblige.  My toes were so cold by the time we got home that I took off my socks and stuck my feet in the bath, too.  We then snuggled, reviewed pictures from the night, and tucked them into bed.

If you live in Santa Rosa check out Walnut Court off of Sonoma Ave.  Its a nice little dead end street all done up.  There's a lightshow at the top of each hour from 6-9PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

I hear there's a good street in Petaluma somewhere, too.

Awesome Photography skills courtesy of David Escalante.


The Montgomerys said...

I love you and your family so much. Beautiful pictures, what a sweet memory to have.

You are beautiful Corynne, and your children too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:) mon

Nina49a said...

Those lights are rad! We're hoping to find some around here too! It's so fun to see how excited they get huh?