Thursday, December 3, 2009

Duvet it Yourself!

David and I were 19 when we got married.  We were youngin's with fresh ideas and vigor for life...with no idea or good sense whatsoever about how or what to register for.  So we ended up with 4 toasters and no sheet sets.  We bought one set of sheets the week we got back from our honeymoon, and one sheet set since.  Its been six years.  Sheets are expensive!

I read this great idea somewhere about using duvet covers in lu of a top sheet--easier to make the bed, but still easy enough to wash frequently.  I thought that was a great solution to my problem.  This way, we would only need bottom sheets.  You can easily pick up orphaned bottom sheets at the thrift store for around a buck or two.  I thought I had it made.  But then I looked around the internet and stores for duvet covers and they were upwards of $150 plus.

That's when I decided to duvet it myself...  Whenever I hit up a thrift shop, lately, I check out the linen section.  I had found this cute flowered topsheet for one dollar a while back.  So, I decided to sew two topsheets together to make one duvet cover.  Duvet it yourself duvet cover now equals a mere $2!

Here's all I did:

1) place sheets right sides together and pin edges together
2) sew the long sides together and the bottoms together
3) turn it right side out
4) line up top sides and decide where to place buttons and button holes (my green sheet was longer than the flowered sheet, so I folded the excess green over the top of the flowered sheet and buttoned it like shown)
5) sew button holes and sew on buttons
6) insert duvet into its new home
7) flop into bed and enjoy the labor of your hands

There are many variations you could do with this idea, and because its so cheap to make, you can virtually have a new bedscape scene every other week if you wish...


Lindsey said...

wow! I am super impressed!
You have inspired me to be creative.
However, it will have to wait until morning. It's too late to start being crafty...
Good night and craftiness begins in the morn.


olive oyl said...

wonderful! also we had a set of those flower sheets when I was a kid. They were my favorite sheets...I had actually been looking for them at thrift stores on occasion. good find and good idea.

sarah e. said...

awesome. i really want a new duvet cover, but as it's not a complete necessity, and they are expensive, i've held off and entertained ideas of doing something myself. this is great!
i was thinking of just doing something with the bottom part of my duvet, spicing it up since it's just a plain light grey kind of color and it's the top design that i'm over.

sarah e. said...

today i saw a sheet at the thrift store that really made me want to follow through with your idea.
i didn't buy it cuz it was $4 and yesterday was payday and i have a list of other things i need to get first...but i think i'm gonna do this.

Corynne Escalante said...

i'm glad you guys found this inspiring!

sarah: its so funny how $4 at a thrift shop seems high... i do the same thing. once you make it, let me know how it turns out... pictures please! <3