Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cryn Tips : Baby Wipes

Cryn tips is a new feature in which I will be sharing little tips and tricks that I often use or think of regarding any sort of thing at all, but most likely concerning things at home or having to do with such things...  It should be fun!


Tip of the day:

Baby wipes--incredibly useful for household chores. 

Although maybe not the most environmentally friendly cleaning solution, I have found baby wipes to be a miracle cleaner.  They are amazing for getting all of those blackish finger and hand smudges off of painted surfaces such as walls and doors.  Just a quick rub down and those ugly marks that are usually impossible to remove with other cleaners just wipe off with relative ease with out smearing.  Even wiping down a white refrigerator that attracts dirt and grime can be easily accomplished using a baby wipe.  My friend also used baby wipes to remove an ink stain from her microfiber couch.  Of course, they are also extremely useful for a quick wipe down of a highchair or other surface.

Also I found this article revealing multiple uses for dried out baby wipes such as drawer fresheners and window washing wipes.

eHow actually has an article listing a number of really great baby wipe tips praising their abilities to remove crayon marks, coffee stains, and deodorant as well as reducing static electricity.  To see the full list, click here.

Have any other baby wipe tips to share?  Leave them in the comments below...


Elisabeth said...

This isn't a baby wipe tip, but I had a two-year-old-esque moment with a sharpie in my bathroom a few days ago. "Magic Erasers" made by Mr. Clean completely removed my 6 foot tall tree. Thank God.

Corynne Escalante said...

haha, that is really funny! i bet a baby wipe could have taken that sharpie off, too... did you take a picture of the tree at least?

The Montgomerys said...

I love Cryn tips....keep them coming. I'm going to try this...I've only used them to wipe up various liquids that my children dribbled unto the hardwood floor but I will venture out.