Monday, November 24, 2008

The Boy in the Web

"Mom...  Can I be in a web?"  the curious three year old boy, Elliott, asked his mom one day as they were walking up the wooden steps towards their front door and past the railing where a friendly spider could almost always be seen spinning his sturdy little web.

As Elliott's mind wandered he started to think of all of the possibilities that would open up to him if only his home could be a spider's web:  sleeping outside under starry skies, wonderfully scary swing rides clinging to the web on blustery days, a built in trampoline...

And after those delightfully fun ideas flitted past, a few more ideas--considerably less desirable--found their way to the forefront of his imaginative little mind: Who would tuck me in at night?  Do spiders read bed time stories?  What would I eat for snacks?  What would happen if it rained? 

And then the very worst of ideas popped into little Elliott's mind and really started to worry him...  I wonder if I could get caught in a spider's web and rolled up for dinner...  He thought.  How would I get out?

Elliott was jolted back to reality just in time by his mother's soft voice as she reassured him by saying, "No, you are too big to be in a spider's web, Elliott.  You couldn't get in the web; you could put your hand in the web, but then you would just break it."

Oh!  Whew!  Well that settles it then...  But still...  What if I could be in a spider's web?  What fun I would have!

Photo complements of David Escalante


The Montgomerys said...

I loved the narrative! He is so cute Corynne, seriously! We love him :)

Mon---Also, I really like the way you write!!

Brittany Anne Myers said...

o-m-gee! Your header is waaaaaaayyyyy too adorable!