Monday, November 17, 2008

Apartment Therapy Home Cure : Update

I promised you some updates on my home cure, but what with my traveling and all, I've been a little bit lackadaisical about posting updates.  Not to mention that I purposefully took pictures of my clean kitchen immediately after it was done...  just in case it didn't last long. I've been keeping it up, but its still hard to catch her on film during her best moments. And some of my 'after' photos are missing right now.  

So this will be a little hold-you-over.   This is what our children have been up to during "cure time."

Elliott & Caiden from David Escalante on Vimeo.


Nina49a said...

HAHA I love this video! Its so perfect. I wish I had one of our craziness. Someday you'll look back at this video and be like "Whoa remember that season of life?" "How did we survive?"

The Montgomerys said...

Yeah that was so cool! I loved it. Hey, do you have a new couch? I like....ALOT!

Love those kids...they are sooooooooo CUTE!

BTW...the usage of the word, lackadaisica...yeah I'm beyond have a great vocabulary Crynfiction...seriously!!!!

90029mommy said...

I love the Coldwar Kids song! Nice touch!