Monday, November 12, 2007

Virtual coffee anyone?

Tonight I had to get out of the house, so I thought I'de call a friend
to meet me for coffee... But, alas, no one was answering. "That's no
problem!" I cried. "I'll just have virtual coffee via ichat on my
iPhone with Kyle Cole." ...And that's just what I did!


kyle d cole said...

I was drinking smart water though as I still don't drink coffee...

it was good times, though...we'll do it again soon!


brittanyanne said...

Corynne!!!!! I miss you! How are you doing? How are you liking Santa Rosa? How's the new baby and Elliott doing? And... Happy Thanksgiving!

(Oh, and that penguin, yeah, it was made with real penguin. Just thought you'd like to know...)

Corynne Escalante said...

Hey Brit!

Oh my gosh! I miss you, too. I miss your jokes you tell with that straight face...I can totally imagine you saying that thing about the penguin. I gave a little chuckle, I must admit. I'm coming down with the kids Dec. 10-20. We'll have to get together and you can finally meet Caiden.

brittanyanne said...

Yes yes! That sounds like a plan! We will have to stay in touch- my email is
Let me know what day(s) work best for you.