Sunday, November 18, 2007

Brownies From Scratch

If you're a brownie lover, like me, but have never made your own from scratch, you need to!  I had previously never made them, thinking it would be difficult, but it is really quite easy...and fun!  You get to melt chocolate and use the whisking attachment on your KitchenAid. (Check it out, its on sale!) (This was my first time needing the whisk, it was exciting.)  My favorite part was whisking the eggs, sugar, and vanilla in the mixer till they turn pale.  I don't know why (maybe its my affinity for chemistry), but I find it fascinating to make that happen.
I found a great recipe for Double Chocolate Brownies on the Martha Stewart website (dorky, I know, but I'm a girl of varied interests).  I used Ghirardelli  60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Chips and then otherwise followed the recipe, except for that I chopped up a handful of extra chips and threw them in the batter for good measure.  (For baking I usually buy and use Guittard chocolate...The milk chocolate chips are amazing and I tend to eat them straight out of the bag, but I had Ghirardelli on hand to use up, I think it was on sale)

And the consensus was that they were dang good!  So, Dave, Char, Grace, and I ate the whole batch and tonight I made them again...This is dangerous.

Side note: we just bought the slicer/shredder attachment, which we love, for our KitchenAid.  There seem to be a lot of other great attachments out there.  Which attachment should we add to our collection next?  I would love to hear your success stories...


kyle d cole said...

I wish I lived in Santa Rosa...those looked good.


Corynne Escalante said...

thanks, kyle!