Monday, November 19, 2007

Chai Spiced Oatmeal

A new twist on an old classic. Today, instead of stovetop oatmeal with
milk and brown sugar, I used some leftover chai I had in the fridge (I
highly recommend making your own chai, it is delicious and
rewarding).  It was raining in Santa Rosa--making it a perfect day for

Since chai is essentially spiced milk with a small amount of tea, I

figured it could work as a substitute for plain old milk.   In went the
already sweetened chai with the oatmeal, along with a small amount of
brown sugar for that extra little kick (although its fine without it).
And voilĂ !  Breakfast and caffeine in one dish!

These flavors would be interesting in a cookie--maybe I'll try that


Jen said...

You should try it as a cookie! mmmmm. :)

Corynne Escalante said...

I think I will try it as soon as I can come up with a good game plan...any ideas?

Jen said...

I'm finding out more each day that I'm better at cooking than baking. . .I can follow a recipe, but I'm not very good at original creative dessert making. . .maybe it just takes practice? and a willingness to have stuff not turn out so great! my only suggestion if you haven't already tried it is making the "normal" oatmeal cookie recipe and then adding chai. . .subbing for just plain water or milk?