Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stinson Beach

[long twisty drive]

It took an invite from a friend accompanied by a screenshot of 80 degree weather for Stinson Beach to get my lazy butt to the coast.  We live fairly close, but Northern California presents unique challenges for reaching the shoreline.  Either brave traffic through the heart of downtown San Francisco or avoid traffic in exchange for super windy roads--both options require a toll.  Once you actually brave the traffic, tolls, drive time, and motion-sickness, you really roll the dice on weather the sun will ever come out.  If the sun comes out, it may still be really cold and windy, the tides are super strong so you might get swept out to sea, the water is really cold, and there are sharks.  Yay!  As much as I love the ocean and need the ocean, those deterrents are pretty effective at steering me clear of the beach.

But I'm so glad my friend, Holly, convinced me to join her at Stinson Beach this week, because we had so much fun together.  Most things are just better with friends.  It started out foggy, but turned into a beautiful day.  We basked in the sun, chatted, played, flew a kite, explored, dug for sand crabs, saw lots of jellyfish pieces, played with seaweed, tried a new burger joint, carpooled, and got ice-cream. Plus, we got to check another item off our "Summer Checklist." Win, win.

 [foggy morning start]


 [Jadon & Holly]


[Stinson Beach coastline; foggy end to the day] 

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Ingrid said...

So glad you were able to enjoy the ocean. Sounds like it was fun. One thing I miss living inland, course when you're close to it you often don't take advantage. I know I didn't.