Friday, February 8, 2013

Pushing Limits One Set of Training Wheels at a Time

Caiden has never had an extremely keen interest in biking or other sports.  But after seeing a classmate ride her bike without training wheels, she started kicking her training wheels and saying, "Psh! Take these things off!  I don't need these!" which...she totally does.  There was no way she was ready.  She was just feeling competitive and embarrassed.  I'm starting to discern this whole other side of Caiden that comes out around her peers.  She totally cares about her image.  But, after that incident, she continued to ask us about taking off her training wheels off and on for a few months (like maybe 6 or more); and mainly because there was never a "good" time, we kept saying no.  Finally, though, the other day as I was talking to Dave about bringing Elliott to the skate park, we spontaneously decided to take off her training wheels and let her try.  Dave took Elliott in to skate, while I took Caiden around the block for a spin.

It took a bit of time for her to get her sea legs.  I'm telling you, she's not overly apt.  But eventually the little magic switch went off (it was more of a fade on light, than a contrasted off/on) and somehow she did it.  She is still super wobbly on two wheels, but she has officially graduated.  We were all so proud of her: Mom, Dad, and Brother.  Congratulations, Caiden.  You did it.  5 years old and no more training wheels!  Woot!

Meanwhile, Elliott tried a new drop in at the skate park and took on the super scary (in my opinion) 8 foot drop.  He's a brave little guy sometimes.  Just not with dogs...or cats...or any animals really.

I'm really proud of both of the kids for pushing their limits that day.  Although we did save a few limits in front of us for another time.  And I can't say I'm disappointed, either, that Elliott decided to wait on trying to drop into the quarter pipe/pool for the first time.  I am SO GLAD I didn't have to watch him hurtling down an almost completely vertical drop to the bottom of a cement pool.  Which, according to the warnings of his dad, has to be done just right to avoid eating the pavement.  I don't think I can be there to watch that one.  So scary!

This one was scary enough for a mom to watch, thank you very much!

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Mallorie said...

These videos are so fun! Thanks for sharing!! Elliott is braver than I!