Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Piggy Tail(s)

It was a one out of two kind of day today.  By the time we sat down to supper, I felt totally frazzled and frustrated and looking over at Caiden I thought how appropriate her appearance was to represent the day: half of her hair was still up in a piggy tail while the other side had fallen and was getting spaghetti sauce in it.  One cheek was puffed up like a chipmunk from an allergic reaction to a bug bite and all the while she was complaining about how she hates the sausage in the sauce and "will I still be able to have dessert?"... And then the doorbell rang.  Gah!  People had started showing up for a prayer meeting before David had even gotten home from work.

If my mind was Caiden's head, it would have one piggy tail up and one piggy tail down looking crazy and tangled with spaghetti sauce in it.

The funny thing is, David didn't even notice her hair until bedtime...  All I could say was, "Its been a long day."


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My Froley said...

Oh dear, poor girl with her swollen face ! That pigtail up pigtail down thing is so cute. That's how I feel at the end of the day sometimes. And I'ms ure my hair also resembles it too :-/