Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bags for the Beach

Its time for our yearly trek to Carpinteria where we can camp next to the ocean along the "World's Safest Beach," but still walk into town for coffee, candy, ice-cream, pizza, and groceries.  Its like the spoiled man's idea of camping.  We like it.  (Toilet paper and showers are a huge draw for me.)

What is Carpinteria?  Find out here, I've talked about it before...

Since we're going on vacation, of course I had to reorganize my house.  Oh, and I weeded out the DVD collection, got rid of a bunch of clutter, and made new beach totes for the kids to use at Carpinteria. While I was at it, I also decided to pick up some plaster of paris so we can do this craft while we're at the beach.  I'm basically crazy.  I curbed myself at a new wardrobe, because that would be a little over the top--even if it does seem logical to me.  I always end up feeling like I need to redo my life (and buy new luggage) before I embark on a journey.

But its all finally done and here I sit--exhausted--feeling very proud...and organized.  I thought I would share my little craft idea with you; it was quick and easy.  I was going to sew some little totes, but instead, I ended up finding some thin, canvas totes at Michaels for just a few bucks.  It was a time saver.  I cut out some cute shapes from interesting fabrics and stitched them onto the front of the bags.  We put a gallon size ziploc bag inside each tote labeled: "Elliott's Sea Treasures" and "Caiden's Sea Treasures," because I always end up being the designated junk holder/loser at the beach.  Now, when Elliott and Caiden roll out of bed, they can grab their totes, throw in their bucket and shovel, and hit the sand in style, fashioned with love.  And they can keep track of their beachy treasures without getting sand all in my purse!

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