Wednesday, May 18, 2011

His and Hers

A funny thing happened--it wasn't "On the Way to the Forum", but still I thought it noteworthy...  Two funny things, actually.  First of all, Dave got strep throat--not funny.  After the worst was over, he asked me to buy him a new tooth brush so as not to re-infect himself with his old one.  So, while at the grocery store, I remembered and spent quite some time deciding on the best toothbrush for my hubby, whom I love.  It wasn't until I presented it to him that I noticed its color--bright pink!  Okay, innocent mistake, kind of funny, but oh well.

Then another funny thing happened.  I got strep throat--again, not the funny part.  After MY bout with the wretched sickness, Hubby picked up a new toothbrush for ME.  Guess what color--blue.  I thought it was kind of ironic.  So now we have pink and blue toothbrushes and I always have to take a moment to process which one is mine before I brush my teeth.  Just keepin' it fresh, you know...

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