Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Monday was the first day of the week and I spent it doing many things for the first time... for instance:

Today was the first time in a long time that we visited the park;

It was the first day I climbed up on the very tall, sky-scraping rope pyramid at the park;
First time I played hide and go seek/tag at the park with my kids plus one stranger kid;
First time I talked separately with both children on an imaginary phone, invited them to my imaginary house, and fed them imaginary cookies;
First time I made Boston baked beans;

{Photo from Simply Recipes}

First time I have ever used, seen, and touched salt pork;
First time setting my iPhone timer for 8 hours! (baked beans);
First time I made only one small batch of cottage pie, instead of a massive batch;
The first time I have used an American Express giftcard on Hautelook (Lorac makeup 80% off? Yes, please!);

The absolute first time I have ever IRONED my bedsheets! (annoying, but worth it this one time... they were very wrinkly and now I can say I've done it!);
First time watching Exit Through the Giftshop documentary by Banksy-- 2 thumbs up!;
First time (this year) I got tricked by my battery operated clock in the kitchen which hasn't yet been "sprung" forward;
First time receiving a package from "Kiddins" (filled with extra goodies!);

{photo from Kiddins}

Any firsts for you on the this beautiful first day of the week, hhmm?


Heidi Jo said...

Adelaide walking, of course. :) but that's probably it. Amazing lorac deal and I love the kiddins bunny!

Andrea said...

First time making an eggal with bacon (yummy), first time drinking ginger tea (spicy), first time reading corynnes blog (fantastic), first time making rice pudding!

Corynne Escalante said...

heidi: adelaide is walking?? how exciting! that is a wonderful first! Jess is making some great stuff at Kiddins. she sent us a penguin...

Andrea: Well, thanks for stopping by! that is a great first! i have to ask... what is an eggal? is it egg and bacon on a bagel?

Thanks for playing along, girls! I enjoyed hearing your firsts! <3 xoxoxo

Andrea said...

Its an honor to stop by! I live on the same road, it'd be nice to see you and the kids sometime.? Are you guys moving this month? Yes the eggel is eggs, bacon or sausage, and cheese if you like! You were right!