Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to Elliott

Elliott, you turned six. I don't know why time keeps going on and on with out stopping: you are so grown up, now.  You're six years old with the world on your shoulders.  You're kind, compassionate, sensitive, nurturing, crazy, funny, and wild.  You think about life and death, God and love, right and wrong. You are conscientious and no new piece of information is taken lightly.  You learned about the greenhouse effect and want to stop buying gasoline.  You learned that the earth's resources are being depleted and you are deeply concerned.  You like your way, but hate to disappoint others when it differs from theirs.  You love people and relationships and spending time together.  You love to wear pajamas. You love to fight and wrestle.  You love to cuddle.  You love to make people laugh.  You love to be loved and surprise me with kisses.  You love that your Daddy loves your Mommy and you love it when people get married.  You cannot wait to be a husband and a dad and you tell me that you will probably let me watch your children sometimes.  You and little sister, Caiden, talk about your future children and what you might name them.  You want others to know Jesus and you wish to please Him.  You are excited to move to Berkeley and help plant a church there so others might know Jesus. 

You, Elliott, are a giver.  I took you to Target today and you prepared by getting all your change together so that you could "buy Caiden a treat or something if she wants one." You bought her a DVD, a coloring book, and some Tic Tacs.  You would have bought her a lot more, too, if I had allowed it. You used the giftcard you got for your birthday, sweet boy.

You love to make people cards and books and give them presents and you have stopped asking for spelling help and just spell it how it sounds.  Its so cute because you spell it the way you wrongly pronounce it; like today when you wrote, "Dear Heder, haf a grat tim. we luf yi." ("Dear Heather, have a great time. We love you.")

Elliott, you are the best!  You are my cuddly wuggly little Elliott man.  I am so thankful for you.  Happy 6th birthday, dude!  I am one lucky mama to have a son like you... I adore you.

Your crazy mama.


Anonymous said...

That boy is so sweet. Thank you guys for raising him up the way he should go :)

Corynne Escalante said...

Thanks, Jess!

The Montgomerys said...

How sweet. We hope you had a nice birthday Elliott!!! <3