Sunday, June 20, 2010

To The Best Dad in The Whole World

You are always self-less, as seen here, thoroughly enjoying watching Elliott blow out your candles. You are endlessly patient and giving and funny and kind and generous.  The Lord has equipped you to be the best Dad I know.  I was watching you walk with our two children the other day, you were holding their hands and just loving them with all of your might and my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude and overflowing with love and thankfulness.  I never knew what a great father you would be, in truth, I didn't think about it much, then.  But I see now, all that God has blessed me and our family with, when he gave us you.  You are perfect for us and we wouldn't have any other.  Thank you for being the wonderful, consistent, godly, and loving man and father that you are.  You are the best.  We love you!

I cannot find the words to express all that is in my heart or that I mean or to tell you of all that you do that is wonderful.  But these pictures help a little. You are such a blessing to me.

Happy Father's Day, David!


Tara Harman said...

wow, best post ever. you are very sweet Corynne, I loved reading this :)

Nina49a said...

precious. i love these pics:)

The Montgomerys said...

He is the most amazing DAD. I <3 the photos!!!!!!! <3 you.

Lindsey said...

i love the pic where caiden has her head on dave's shoulder. her face says it all.