Friday, June 18, 2010

From What I Imagine Would be Elliott's Perspective:

We kinda complained, but in we climbed and buckled up.  We were bored and thirsty and wanted to know, but Dad said we would see when we got there.  (My name is Elliott, I'm five and the oldest.  I hate surprises.  I always want to know the plan, that way if I don't like it I can tell them before its too late to change their minds.)

We parked somewhere I had never seen and climbed a sand hill that was full of fire ants!  It was windy up on top and we got out our kites.  "Cool!" I exclaimed, "I like that!" My parents probably said something like, "See? And you were complaining..."

Even Caiden could fly her own kite.  (She's only two, so sometimes I think she's too little to do big things like me, but this time she seemed to do alright, I guess. Mom and Dad were really impressed.)

It was pretty fun for about 10 minutes and I don't know if I started complaining again after that, but it was getting pretty hot and I had to pee and my kite ran away and got tangled in a bush and it took Dad like FOREVER to untangle the string so Mom told me I could just pee next to the car.

That was one thing we did when we were at Grandma's and Grandpa's house.

Kites are fun.  The End.


The Montgomerys said...

Kite flying is my favorite! I love Caiden and El, they are beautiful!!!!!! <3

Nina49a said...

Eeeeek I love it! great post Cryn…Eh... i mean Elliott!