Monday, February 1, 2010

I Have a Coffee Buddy!

My two year old loves drinking coffee and tea.

I had always hoped she'd want to drink tea with me!

Elliott isn't really a coffee drinking buddy, but he does like to have a good snack and glass of milk along with the rest of us.
He's a big fan of coffee shops... and bagels.

Photos by me and Dave


The Montgomerys said...

that's one cute little coffee buddy you got there. love her...hugs and kisses from Pa!

Maggie said...

Too cute cryn.

Nina49a said...

Ok so does she reeeally drink coffee?! Like real coffee? Love that she is wearing a scarf
...and in such a fashionable manner.

Corynne Escalante said...

YES!!! she really does drink actual coffee. she loves it! i almost died the other day when david told me he bought caiden her own latte from peet's to sip on. everyone was wondering at the end of the day why this 5 year old boy looked more worn out than the perky little 2 year old with the latte! i personally only give her small portions of coffee. and definitely not everyday, but she loves to sip my coffee and tea. i figure it will help with her constant constipation anyway... TMI?