Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mom Secret

If you are a parent, or plan on being one in the future, then this is a secret that would behoove you to learn.  It is no secret that kids spill things, but are you aware of how many things they spill?  And how often?  I'm talking like practically every day.  And usually it is spilled in a very unfortunate place and usually what is being spilled is a very undesirable liquid soaking into your carpet or your person or your table or your couch...  Nothing is sacred.  There is little else worse than spilled milk rotting in your carpet.  Do we agree?

Enter The Absorber.  Da-da da DAAAA.  I took over ownership of one of these puppies that was given to my husband for drying the car.  When I had 2 or 3 cups worth of milk all over the table, I was looking for an efficient way to soak it up.  I stumbled upon this shamois in the cabinet and now it is my go-to absorber for all spills.  It soaks up everything, in the carpet or on the table.  The best part is that it is synthetic so it doesn't mold or rot.  You just soak up, rinse out, and then roll up and put it, wet, back into its container.  Best thing ever.  Get one.  It will be the most well spent $10 ever.

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Tara Harman said...

wow! good to know!!!

Nina49a said...

must have. i shall purchase. as soon as i have $10. hahaha

Lindsey said...

Seriously, I don't know how it can suck up all that it does. NASA or whoever invented this thing - serious mucho gracias.

lindsey said...

so cool!