Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Need Paper!

My little man, Elliott, is quite the pen pal these days.  In fact, he has used up every last writing paper, note card, envelope, and blank white paper that we own.  It is the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Almost every day he will sit down and "write" half a dozen letters-- most of them to me, Daddy, and sister.  He's already memorized how to spell "mom" and "dad" and no longer spells his own name like the martian "ET" which is what he was doing for a while.  I'm pleased that he's learning how to spell and can recognize letters and their sounds and is enjoying a creative outlet in the process; it makes him so happy.  However, I've run clean out of supplies!  And I have a couple of pen pals of my own to keep up with.  So if you find that your next letter is written on newspaper clippings and receipt stubs, you'll know why.

That's our house with me in it, I think. Oh wait, maybe that was his rendition of Noah's ark...

I must admit: he takes after his mom.  I was a faithful note and card writer to my mother.  I found a bunch of old notes and cards I wrote to her in an old suitcase somewhere.  Very sentimental and dramatic.  Here's a look at a memory lane, letters from little Cryn.

"you're somthin' special."

"I love you, hope I do not give you a brokan heart"

I better get some more paper, and soon, so I can have lots of these little letters of my own to look at once Elliott and Caiden are grown.

As my mother in law always says, "Happy Hump Day!"  Wednesday is hump day, don't ya know?  Its the middle of the week! You have successfully made it over the hump.  Congratulations.


Maggie said...

Cutest thing i've ever seen cryn.

jess said...

Precious!!! Better get some more supplies quickly...