Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Midnight Rendezvous

Oooo, how I love a good intrigue.  I love it when the monotony of day to day life gets broken up by an unexpected happening.

We've been so busy, my husband and I, that sometimes we are like ships passing in the night.  So many nights are filled with different functions that one or the other of us is attending.  One goes out, the other stays by the supply tent with the kids and keeps watch.  (Only we have a duplex instead of a tent... and a refrigerator instead of a creek...)

A week or two ago, it was this same story and I was at home at night yet again, with the exasperating job of getting the little ones fed and refereeing their interactions with each other (which is exhausting, by the way) and so I stuck 'em in the bath to pass some time.  Never mind the dirt--its the time I'm worried about, the sooner I can get them in bed, the better.  It was a long night, much like all the others lately, when my phone rang.

I heard my mom on the other end of the phone saying, "Too bad you don't live closer to San Francisco..."

"San Francisco?" I inquired, "Do you mean San Luis Obispo?"

"No, San Francisco.  I have a layover there at 8:30pm for three hours."

"I can do that!" I cried.  "It's not that far.  Only about 45 minutes!"

"Okay." she said.

"Okay!" I said. 

Here's something you need to know...  My mom lives in CONNECTICUT.  She's was going to be in San Francisco for three hours.  It was about seven-ish when she called... or maybe toward the latter part of six.

I hauled the kids out of the bath, dried 'em, bundled 'em, and packed 'em into the car and away we went.  Oh, the traffic on a Sunday night!  Oh, the clock in the car that kept turning, mercilessly, ever onward toward 8:30 faster than I could get to the city!  Oh, my dumb car, that just happened to be on 'E' instead of 'F'!  Oh, that darn toll bridge that I don't have a FastTrak pass for!  Oh, my darn wallet that had no cash in it!  Oh, that ATM that belongs to my bank that is slightly out of the way from the freeway entrance!  Oh, that clock!  Oh, that I had left sooner!

But we finally got there and were able to spend a precious hour and a half with my mom.  In my car.  In the airport employee parking lot.  It was eerie and dark, but it was heavenly.  And oh, so precious.  Then away she was whisked, off to Connecticut and a million-ish miles away.  But oh, what an adventure we had!  Thanks, Mom.  Come see us again soon...  Maybe for longer than an hour and a half next time.  That would be nice.

P.S.  I happen to like rendezvous', and I also like to use the word in sentences.  Like in this old post, for instance.  Click for another rendezvous story...


Maggie said...

write a book cryn. you're good with words.

The Montgomerys said...

We had a surprise meeting with Renee too, I think when she was going to California...only ours involved the Philadelphia airport and some very, very quick BBQ.

How amazing to sneak in some time with your mom! I wish we all lived closer, makes me sad. Awesome pics :)

hannahverschie said...

this is lovely!