Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here We Go Recap: Flight

We're gonna start out raw here. No editing, just naked photos. That's right, I admit it. I sometimes cheat... I let the professional photographer do all the fancy editing for me. But since he's pretty busy at the moment and I haven't picked up much in the way of Photoshop skills yet, (hey! I finally just got the whole concept of how the aperture works with the shutter speed...) I'm just gonna wing it for now. (Check out Pioneer Woman's "What the heck is an aperture" series, its a great little tutorial with humor.)

Our flight(s) to Connecticut turned out to be a 14-ish hour affair, including driving time and time spent in the airports. But all that is to be expected when you fly into good ol' CT. For some reason you just cannot find a non-stop flight from CA to CT. So we had a layover at JFK in New York City. But it was worth it! The night view we had of the city was amazing. It took me a while to get my settings right and focus without much light, so I didn't get to catch all of the magnificance, but I did get a shot or too of the city near the water line.

This trip is about 7 hours of flying time, total. So, needless to say, its pretty tough on little munchkins. I didn't buy a ticket for Caiden since she's still able to be an "infant in arms," so we did our share of wiggling and whining, but over all, it wasn't too bad. Here's my list of must haves or just good ideas if you can manage it for long trips with kids on planes...(long enough title?):

1) Kiddie headphones! We got ours from ifrogz but their link isn't working, so I linked you to Amazon.

2) Technology! (We brought the iPhone for games/movies and an iPod, too for videos, but do what you can...)

3) Lollipops! (for take-off and landing) I loved these Yummy Earth Organic Vitamin C Pops. (found 'em at Whole Foods)

4) Snacks (Lots and lots and lots of snacks of varying variety, please. You don't want 'em bored with the same old snacks, you know.)

5) A new toy

6) Spill-less water bottle (try Camelbak, we just used the sports/bicycle one, but they have many varieties)

P.S. Whatever you do, DO NOT give your kiddies apple juice from the cute little stewardess'. WATER ONLY for munchkins on a plane. You give 'em apple juice and you can pretty much garauntee you'll be tapping on that sleeping man's shoulder next to you so that you can scramble to the on-board bathroom in like .02 seconds after they consume it!

Those are all things that I found invaluable on this trip and was SO glad I brought along, besides the basic stuff like diapers, etc.

So, we gazed, we fidgeted, we whined, we rushed, we dragged, we wriggled, we cried (just a little), we stretched, we nibbled, we watched, we yawned. Heck! We even laughed a little, and when we finally reached Grandma's and Grandpa's, we crashed!


Jen said...

Hey Corynne. Don't beat yourself up. Photoshop is cheating! :p

Lindsey said...

So cute! What great ideas for a flight w/ kids. Hey what do you guys eat when you go camping? We are going on a family vacation in 2 wks. yay! Its almost free (we're staying in someones house) but anyways, we are trying to plan meals so that it won't be stressful or expensive to eat out. Do you have any suggestions for meal planning on vacation? thanks! luv ya hope you're well!

Corynne said...

hey lindsey! cool! family vacation... what a blessing. when we go camping, dave's mom plans the meals mainly, although she does include me and ask for my input. we usually do sandwiches for lunch and we do eggs and pancakes or cereal for breakfast. dar likes to go all out on our camping trips. but i think you have right idea to cook some stuff at the house to save money. a good idea is to plan on pizza or something out for the first night. that way everybody can relax on the first day, then you can go shop or whatever the next day. if there's a crock pot maybe you can do a roast? sometimes when camping we'll buy those roasted chickens and make chicken tacos out of it.or we barbeque something. i don't know if i'm helping you much, but it i think of anything else, i'll let you know. oh! spaghetti, we do that, its easy. sometimes we do a sauce in the crockpot and let it simmer all day. come back and yummm... :) have fun on vacation!

Corynne said...

oh and its always good to bring things like single serve applesauce and stuff like that for the kids.

The Montgomerys said...

I admire how you can travel alone with the kids. I think you deserve an award for that. It is always a challenge, even with Joe...he gets one (usually the easier one) and I get the other (usually the one that's not happy)...and when we switch kids, it's funny their mood changes, so I always have the grumpy one...hee hee. I think you are pretty cool, and I love your pics.

Lindsey said...

Hey Corynne,
Thanks so much for your ideas and input. Yah, that for sure is helpful. I was thinking that too, about doing something easy the first night like pizza. And yah all the basic easy things are good. Ok hope all is well. btw. Caiden looks so cute in those pics. She reminds me a lot of Phoebe. Her little belly and squishy face expressions. :)