Monday, January 14, 2008

Hearts, farts, and friends...

Nothing relieves the frustration, stress, and general ill feelings
that ultimately claw their way into your life when you spend all your
time at home with little rugrats (that we all adore, of course), than
a good 'ol game of hearts (or farts) with your friends. Lately we
have been having our friends, Donny (pictured above) and Erica over
for some good times of hanging out, talking grown-up talk, playing
games, and having coffee and baked goods.*

So, be inspired you mommys and daddys out there. Don't stay at home
by yourselves all cooped up every night because the kiddies are in
bed... If you can't go out, bring the out to you. Invite somebody
over (who isn't chained to the house like you are) for some change and
good times. It will do you good--trust me.

Okay, so this had nothing to do with farts, but it rhymed and sounded
funny, so I threw it in there.

*shout out to our homies in the big OC who used to spend all hours of
the night with us, after Elliott was born, playing games and eating
madelines. We miss you guys!


brittanyanne said...

Ummmmm... so I hear that you guys are coming south! (all the rage at youth workers) Can't wait!

kyle d cole said...

good advice...I will file that away in "things I do after marriage and [much later] kids". How was Disneyland today, Cryn? Why didn't you guys call me so you didn't have to pay? I hope you got some sort of discount, etc because I totally would've (and will in the future if needed) take care of that...


Corynne Escalante said...

yes! we went to was fun, elliott had a blast. my friend, beth, signed us in and then came back to hang out with us after work...thanks beth!

maybe we'll take you up on your offer next time--if you're not at NAMM...