Saturday, January 19, 2008

Has it really been THREE years?!

Photo taken by Grandma and birthday recap cleverly done by David Escalante.

I thought Molly Balint of MollyCoddle hit upon a clever idea when she posted about her daughter's birthday.  So, I wanted to make a list of my own for my special little guy...

The top 10 (no, 13) things I love and remember about Elliott's 3rd year of life are:

1)  How you say "Kank-you" (thank you) and really mean it... You have such a sweet spirit and often just thank me randomly.  Now you also tell me, "You're welcome!"

2)  You haven't quite mastered how to say "L" words.  I'll say, "Elliott, say La La -- Lollypop."
You say, "La La -- Wawwypop."  And then you apply it to other words, "La La -- Kank-you!"

3)  You love to help me cook.

4) You ask me so many questions and continue to ask until I finally say, "I don't know!"  and then you are finally satisfied.

5)  You love your new baby sister, Caiden, and always smother her with kisses and hugs.  You are the only one who has made her laugh more than once.

6)  You love music and and can recognize and name any song Daddy puts on and also tell us who plays it... [for instance, "That's 15 step.
"who plays that?" (because I truly didn't know) 

7)You love Jesus and whenever we talk about Heaven, you always say, "Heaven?  I want to go to Heaven!"  and sometimes you walk up to me and say, "Guess what...  Jesus!"

8)  Every night we have to say your prayers and sing the "Close Your Eyes Song" that I made up for you when you were little.  You always try to trick me into singing more. 

9)  You love me and hate it when I cry or am upset.  You always try to make me feel better.

10)  You walk around all day and sing songs you know while you play.

11)  You love packages (just like me) and always put your toys in spare bags or boxes or special packaging I have around.

12)  You love to "sit in the Daddy-Tree" and "play" N64.

13)  You love people and always ask me, "Who's coming over?"


kyle d cole said...

First of all, the cupcakes in your prior post look amazing (im gonna need to know where that place is, by the way)...secondly, your post about Elliot almost made me cry, and I'm at work right I look silly. Glad things are going well and that you guys had fun on your sons 3rd blessed.


Corynne Escalante said...

hey kyle,
thanks for your sweet comments... (sweet as in nice, not sweet as in cool, even though they are also cool...)
I amended the cupcake post to include the website.
You should go! You won't be sorry...