Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Look what we made!

I did something a little bit cruel... Last week, when Elliott was
asleep, I brought out all of his toys and put them in separate bins
divided by category. After I finished, I placed each bin on the top
shelf of Elliott's closet where he couldn't reach them. Now, he must
ask me to get each thing he wants to play with. I've never heard of
this approach before and it seems a little mean, but I just couldn't
keep up with all the chaos. It has actually been very helpful for me
and instructive for Elliott, because he is learning that he must pick
up after himself before moving on to the next thing. It also gives me
more time to focus on playing with him since I'm not needing to be
perpetually cleaning up after him. He enjoys things more when there
is some sort of order and I finally have a tiny bit of control over my
house again!

1 comment:

kyle d cole said...

we all know that you're the boss too...