Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Caiden Turns Six

The littlest lady in the family turned six this month!  We really enjoyed celebrating her little life with her.  She didn't want a big party this year, so she decided to do something special get frozen yogurt with one of her friend's on Saturday instead.

For her birthday dinner she wanted curry. Specifically, she wanted a restaurant called House of Curries here in Berkeley--mostly because she wanted naan and free chai. 

Since we were having a family birthday dinner, we decided to call the whole family which happens to be our church family, and many of them showed up at House of Curries to eat dinner with us and celebrate Caiden's life.  We are so blessed to know Caiden and so thankful that we can enjoy her with each other.

She had a fun day!  One of her classmates really wanted to pick her flowers for her birthday, but he ran out of time, so he made his mother promise him to go get flowers and bring them to Caiden by the end of the day.  Another friend gifted Caiden a little dixie cup filled with collected rocks, a bead, and drizzled with water.  Caiden loved it!  Still another friend's mom sewed the cutest little stuffed elephant for Caiden to cuddle with.  They were all perfect gifts.  Lots of church family and blood family gave her gifts, too.  She was totally blessed with gifts.

My favorite part of Caiden's birthday, however, was seeing her pass out cake to each of her classmates... every single one of them--on her own--before serving herself.  And then again at dinner, she served each party guest a slice a cake.  I loved seeing Jesus' servant heart in my little six year old.  That's the best kind of aging: maturing in Christ.  I still can't believe she's six years old!!!

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