Sunday, October 7, 2012

Adventures with Pumpkins

Saturday is always a bit of a let down for me as a pastor's wife.  I still always wake up with that Saturday hopefulness and sense of adventure, but as the sleep fog begins to clear, I remember that my adventure buddy still has to study.  Turns out its not Saturday at all--just another work day disguised with a really, really exciting name.  Its weird how that Saturday mentality just sticks with me even when it no longer holds the same meaning as it used to.  (I'm not complaining... just explaining.)

This Saturday, as the sleep-fog wore off and the subtle disappointment crept in, I became inspired to enjoy the fall atmosphere with the kids, even if it was that tricky day of the week.  So I got up, made waffles(!), and we headed off to the pumpkin patch.  We included our friend Caroline.  


I still missed my adventure buddy, but that doesn't mean we can't still have fun without him.  I think I'm finally doing better than the band tour days when I would just sit on my bed and sob while he was away.  Does this mean I'm growing up?!

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