Sunday, April 18, 2010

Work it. Work it Good.

Watch out, World!  What we have on our hands here is a professional modelista (no, that's not in the dictionary).  Quite possibly we may be looking at the world's next big thing.  Caiden, superstar!!  Work it, girl, work it good!

This was totally unscripted, Caiden, fantastic-ness (also not in the dictionary).  Caiden is so cool, I have to make up new words just to describe her! Seriously, everyone should have a little Caiden pet in their home, she takes years off your life, I'm tellin' ya.  Better than any kind of therapy.  Watch out, though: if you wear your heart on your sleeve, she'll grab it and take it from you before you even know what's hit you.  Even if you don't, she'll find a way to get you to drop your guard, steal your heart and squeeze it till you feel like you're gonna burst.  Gotta love ya some good ol' Caiden Keats.  So thankful for her!

1 comment:

Nina49a said...

HAHA She's got the model lips down! love the arm twist one too! so cute.