Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Image from Steve Keys on Flickr

Almost everything is better roasted... And fall is certainly the time for roasting, if ever there were one.  Last night, as Caiden and I were at home alone together, we roasted some carrots for supper (supper sounds appropriate for autumn, don't judge me).  First we cut our carrots into 1-2 inch lengths and then quartered them.  Next, they were coated with olive oil and seasoned with a little salt and sent to roast in the oven set for 450 degrees for about 15 minutes.  They were sweet and savory and a little bit toasty around the edges.  Delicious. 

Today, for lunch, we had baked sweet potatoes with butter and parmesan cheese... mmmm... 

I just love roasted vegetables and savory fall foods, so I had to share a few of my favorite roasted recipes with you:

Roasted Cauliflower: Even if you don't like cauliflower, you might like this.  It is roasted with garlic, olive oil, and salt, and sprinkled with parmesan cheese at the end.

Pasta with Butternut Squash, Sage, and Pine Nuts: Amazing!  You have to try this one.

And one I want to try soon is Three-P Soup (Peanut, Pumpkin, and Sweet Potato).

I would love more roasting recipes and ideas if you have any!

Soup, soup, soup, and stew, too.  I just loooove fall!  Happy fall-i-day.


Tara Harman said...

oooh my goodness, thank you for posting this! I have been wanting to find some good veggie recipes cause we have been trying to eat a lot more vegetables, and I would love to have a variety of ways to cook them. this post makes me really wish it felt like fall here... not even kidding it was 80 degrees yesterday and 75 today... I just hope it will be cold by thanksgiving. I envy your brisk fall air!

Corynne Escalante said...

thanks, tara! the weather has been really up and down here, too. we have had some nice brisk weather, but then we go back to a full week of 70s or 80s. its really weird. the cool has returned, though, and hopefully to stay!

Nina49a said...

Ok lame question but is roasting just "cooking in the oven" what is the difference between roasting and baking?... i plead for you wisdom, Oh wise cooking woman.

Corynne Escalante said...

nina, my love: you bring up an excellent point, my dear. and you are absolutely right to be confused. Roasting, baking. tomato, tah-mato. they are basically the same. although, you wouldn't really say you were roasting a cake. just to be certain, i googled it and most people were in general agreement that the terms roasting and baking are mostly used synonymously. though when one says roast, they usually tend to be referring to meat or vegetables or such and that are cooked in a hot oven dry (not in liquid), and that are usually coated with oil and meant to be browned and carmelized.

i like this answer: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/492989

and this one:

wrecklessgirl said...

it was pretty surprising for me to find that most italian (family) meals include roasted cauliflower! it's so delicious!!! :)

The Montgomerys said...

i am loving spaghetti squash right now, really any squash is a-OK in my book. I love it simple rubbed with olive oil, sea salt and pepper....oh asparagus are good roasted toooooo!!!