Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Taking the Time-Out

My two year old daughter, Caiden, has been needing a lot of alone time lately.  Its a hard task, being so tiny, learning to speak English, having to depend on others, being the smallest, being so darn cute, wanting your own way, but not being able to get it.  So my baby tends to get really frustrated.  I understand, I do.  I really care that she is frustrated and we're teaching her how to communicate that.  But you know, Caiden, screaming and throwing yourself around is really not the answer.  So Caiden has been spending quite a bit of time on her bed, by herself.  And you know what?  I think she really likes it.

Sometimes when she starts to lose control of her emotions, I ask her, "Caiden, do you need a time out?  Do you need to go sit in your crib?"  Sometimes she ignores me and I have to pick her up and go put her in her bed and tell her to sit and calm down and to pray.  Other times she just says, "yes", and she goes and puts herself in time out.  Its quite extraordinary.

Usually, I go into her room to talk to her after its been a few minutes, but sometimes I just call her from the other room and sometimes she doesn't come out for a good long time.  She just sits quietly in her bed, having some peaceful time to herself.  When she's ready to come out she'll call for me, "Maaaaaaa-maaaaa, I praaaaa-aaaayed."  I'm beginning to think she really likes it in there.

It has been a really wonderful thing.  Its good for her to have some time to be calm, and when she's done, she's totally happy.  She's learning how to deal with hard and frustrating situations, we're able to maintain some relative peace and structure in the house, I can remain in control without losing my temper, she's receptive to be chastened, and everybody wins!  Its wonderful when you can find something, as a parent, that works for your family.  Hopefully it will last!

I feel like I always leave my posts with some application, so here's the application for today:  Take some time out for yourself.  Maybe you need a little time out to be by yourself and pray, or maybe your kids do.  Go ahead and try it; its kid tested and mother approved!


Linda said...

I love you, Corynne. You are a wonderful mother.

Rachel was like.... said...

wow. that is amazing. God has giving you great motherly wisdom. :) what a great way to start your kids off early learning to pray! "If your frustrated, talk to God about it." i think that is amazing.

wrecklessgirl said...

wow, wow, wow ... this is such a wonderful story .. i'm glad are able to notice these things and let her have her time. i still feel like i don't get enough alone time, esp. the way technology is .. i can't find appropriate privacy and it's something that i'm sure italy will remedy. :)