Sunday, September 27, 2009

October? Is That You?

My baby's turning two!  I can't believe it is October again with Caiden for the third time.  Fall is for Caiden.  Pumpkins and baby Caiden.  Orange and red leaves and my baby girl.  Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and straw.  Two years ago on October 2nd, our little Caiden Keats entered the world with her little squawk.  I'll never forget David standing next to her while she was weighed and poked around, putting his head down close to hers and holding her hand.  Afterward, he told me, "I got her covered.  I told her all about Jesus and how he died for her and rose again.  She's all covered."  And that's what he was doing during her first few moments of life.  Loving her and covering her with the blood of the Lamb.  What a treasure to have this beautiful girl and a wonderful husband whose primary concern was for Caiden to know how much her Saviour loves her...

Lots of planning and concocting is going on around here for Caiden's little dress up party this weekend.  I'll have to show you some of my crafts... For now, here's a look at the invitation.


Maggie said...

I wish you guys lived closer!! We're having a costume party for Kylie's birthday on friday....allisons gonna tat me up to be kat von d.

sarah e. said...

i welled up reading this.

i remember her coming out party and was a beautiful baby she was.