Monday, May 25, 2009

Recipe for Success: Tacos

There are many things you need to learn in life, not the least of which is how to have a successful Family Taco Night--otherwise known as F.T.N.  Luckily for you, I'm here on to spell out for you this super secret and also super successful recipe for F.T.N.

This is actually the "Swordfish" truck which has good tacos, but not THE BEST tacos in town. (see step 1 below)

Here goes:

1) First and foremost: Spend as much time as it takes to search out and identify the best taco place in town. This may take several weeks and many taste tests (DO NOT attempt to make your own tacos for F.T.N.  That is a common mistake for newbies as F.T.N. is often confused with Build Your Own Taco Night, otherwise known as B.Y.O.T.N.). Our best taco joint in Santa Rosa is "the orange truck"--a little taco truck, or "roach coach" parked on Sebastopol Road and West.

2) Gather together as many friends and family as you can wrangle up.

3) Meet at the nearest park or home to the taco truck.

5) Cook up a healthy amount of quesadillas for the toddlers and youngin's to eat so you can afford more tacos from the truck for yourselves.

6) Make sure to have a camera along as this provides good sport and entertainment while the men are out getting food from the taco truck.

7) Once the tacos arrive, gather around an eating spot and chow down while your friends' kids keep your kids entertained.

8) Hang around for as long as humanly possible (or until members of your group have to hit the sack) and sit around talking while your food digests.

9) Discuss pointless things like which taco truck is better, arrangement of the marriages of your children to your friends' children, things like that...  all in good fun, of course.

10) Finally, make one last run to the taco truck and try to fit one more taco into your already full stomach.

11) Go home and bask in your accomplishment of a perfectly rounded and well planned F.T.N.


Tara Harman said...

Oh my goodness corynne, that sounds so good... I'll have to try to find the best taco place in my town, If there are any that is.

jess said...

That was soooo fun, we will really need to do it again! By the way, on my way out to Sonoma yesterday I saw a Taco truck randomly somewhere on the side of the road around Glen Ellen and I felt the need to stop at it to compare. Although I was on my way to lunch with the family and all... so that would have spoiled my app.

PS - I'm happy I finally made it onto your blog! :)

Corynne Escalante said...

tara: ok. fifth street in santa ana--deep santa ana. has THE BEST tacos. we always get the taco plate which is like 2 shredded beef tacos with rice and beans on the side and they have the best salsa/chile whatever sauce. they make their own taco shells and all. its legit! its called sarinana's. its on fifth street near raitt. if you're driving down raitt from your parent's house and you make a left on fifth, it'll be on the left hand side. or if you're coming down fairview and turn right onto 5th st, it will be on your right. check it out and let me know how it goes. i'm confident that you won't be dissapointed...

Tara Harman said...

OH I will have to check it out!!!

Magdalene said...

i LOVE sarinanas!!

Lindsey said...


allisonescalante said...

i couldnt figure out who the man standing next to char was... and then i scrolled down! low and behold it was... donny!