Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Dear Blog,

How are you? It's been so long since we last spoke and though I miss
you terribly I've been holding out for something interesting to tell
you or show you. That, plus the fact that my usually ho-hum life that
proceeds with a certain monotony has begun to be turned upside down in
the excitement that numerous visitors can bring along with a week and
a half where I was physically less than 100% after my wisdom teeth
were removed. And now finally that I'm feeling better I find myself
and my children away on a glorious beachside holiday in a pop-up tent
trailer with my mother-in-law. So you see, dear blog, I just haven't
been myself lately. You are, however, always in my thoughts.

Please tell all of my faithful readers that I'm still here and welcome
all of the sweet comments they always leave me. And also tell them
that I'll post some things via my iPhone while I'm away if I see or
think of some things that might be of interest. And also I may post
some things of little to no interest to anyone but my poor husband who
can't be with us right now and enjoys all my silly posts.

That's all for now, little blog. Take good care of yourself and my
readers, too, in my absence.

Warm regards,


The Montgomerys said...

missed you crynfiction. you have such a super fabulous life.

jess said...

Missing you! When you and the kiddos return from all your travels, we will have to grab a fro yo or some (caf for you and decaf for me) coffee to catch up on life :) This letter is cute!