Monday, March 16, 2009


Could it really actually be Monday again, already?  I'm really surprised to see Mr. Monday here so soon...

Boy, I tell ya:  what with my cousin Grace here, overlapped by a lovely visit from David's folks, pre-empted by David and my own natural leaning toward a "hang out first, clean up later" regard toward life, our house was virtually in shambles.  You know the kind when you don't even feeling like spending a single waking moment in your house because its so chaotic?  That's how I felt, which resulted in one of the funnest(?) nights I've had in a loooong time.  I felt like I was seventeen again and full of passion and excitement about life.  Here is my recipe:


iPod (or similar device)
Some music that's rockin'
A massive mess


Put the headphones in your ears good and tight.
Crank up some rockin' music.
Get to work scrubbing and straightening.
Dance around while putting dishes away and occasionally slap your leg along with the beat.
Feel the music inside your soul so much so that you want to jump out of your skin and dance around.
Sing very loudly without regard to pitch or lyrics. (like yell them if you you have to)
Never mind what your howling probably sounds like to the other grown ups who might also be cohabitating with you.
Rock out.
Feel the passion.
Use this passion and energy to clean every corner of your house till it shines like a brand new, bright and shiny, copper penny.

I hope you have a wonderful week!


The Montgomerys said...
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The Montgomerys said...

Nice idea Cryn. I will for sure try rockin' out today as I try to make sense of the mess that is our house :)

What were you listening to?

cute jammies pic.

Corynne Escalante said...

the montgomerys: i was listening to jeremy enigk from his album "world waits" first and then leeland. gotta crank it up loud, though... that's the key.