Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Week 2: Carpinteria

Photos by David Escalante
Photos in order from the top, left to right: Carpinteria at dusk, Elliott chucking rocks; Darlene's (David's mom) elaborately beautiful camp setup; Elliott and Caiden chillin' in the pop-up tent trailer; longboards resting atop the trailer after a busy day in the surf; one of many delicious dinners; thievin' rascals!; Elliott riding his bike into "town" to the candy store; Rachel teaching me how to stretch out after a day of surfing; long exposure of the night sky from the bridge above a little ocean marsh looking out to the sea (campgrounds to the left and right).


Johanna said...

Oh it looks so nice. Glad I remembered to check your blog and see your pictures before bed. :)

Anonymous said...

love the photographs!!